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Proving Fault in a Rhode Island Medical Malpractice Case

While doctors are not miracle workers, they are expected to operate with a level of professionalism and expertise that provides for a basic standard of care. When their actions cause harm or injury to a patient, they can seek recourse through a medical malpractice case. Basically, the person filing the lawsuit must prove negligence against the physician to get recompense for the injuries they suffered from their care. Proving Negligence To establish that medical negligence occurred, it must be shown that the physician acted outside the boundaries of accepted practices. This can be proven in different ways. Injury to the… Learn More

Injury Damages in a Rhode Island Medical Malpractice Case

When it comes to a successful medical malpractice lawsuit, there are injury damages that will need to be compensated. It is important to understand that in such lawsuits there are two types of damages that will need to be addressed, economic and non-economic damages. Put simply, economic damages are the ones that can be exactly calculated such as medical expenses, lost wages, lost capacity to earn money, and other financial losses. Injury damages fall into the economic classification because they can be calculated in terms of their cost to treat, rehabilitate, and their effect on the ability to earn wages… Learn More

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